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Fun With Ragdolls 4 (Cinematic Short)

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Hello everyone! Thought this would be a good place for professional feedback. I released Fun With Ragdolls 3 about 8 months ago and it gained a LOT of attraction extremely fast. I wanted to make a 4th in the series that was better than the last, this time though, I had to do what I had done, but a LOT better. Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous, haha! From a storytelling perspective I think it'd be cool to hint more of a storyline in another one.


What do you guys think of this 4th one? All feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time and I hope you all enjoy it!


(Also, is the thumbnail a good choice? Thanks)



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OMG.....Okay...you know I am a huge fan of Ragdolls 3.  In fact, today was a bit rough and I thought I would go view Ragdolls 3 again to raise my spirits.


And lo-and-behold, there is Ragdolls 4 ….. and it was funnier than Ragdolls 3 (….."oh my colon....oh my ankle"....that line killed me).


I know I have been traveling a lot (122,000 miles in 2018....or over 8 days sitting in an airplane)….but how did I miss the release of Ragdolls 4!!!


In any case, thank you...thank you...thank you. 


Just brilliant!




P.S.  You should have a banner "25,458 Ragdolls injured...and counting"


P.P.S The fluids in Ragdolls 4...was it X-Particles?  I did not see it listed in the credits.

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