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scrubbing performance

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why is scrubbing the timeline in R20 still such a problem? C'mon it is almost 2019!
My machine is not slow and I expect better performance now-a-days.

I mean, when creating keyframe animations and a scene is getting a little bit more complex, scrubbing is a no-no.

You would expect when turning off elements you don't need to see, would speed things up but this doesn't help.  (My scene has a lot of splines)
HB Fast viewport doesn't help eighter.

The only thing I can think of is copying the elements I need to animate to a new scene. And copy the animation back to the main scene. But this is really cumbersome.


Overall I think the viewport performance of C4D is the slowest of all 3D apps I have worked with. :-(

Does anyone have tips to increase scrubbing performance? 

any tips would be appeciated

My current system:

Threadrippr 1950
32 GB
RTX 2080ti

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It always depends on what you have going on in your scene, but I would agree that C4D can get bogged down pretty easily.  Have you tried using layers?  If you assign all your splines, for instance, to one layer, then you can tell C4D not to calculate any of them.  Just turning off their visibility does not mean C4D isn't still thinking about them, so you have to do it more manually.

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Hi Natevplas,
thanks for your tip. I did have the splines in a separate layer. Normally I turn the icon visibility icon of, but this isn;t enough I noticed. turning off the little triangle does help! :-)
Now I am able to scrub a simplified scene for checking the movement of animated items.


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Glad to help!  It can be annoying to set up the layers and turn them on and off, but it's worth it when you get smooth playback!

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