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CGI 3D Animated Short: "Ocean Cleaning"

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The 3D is great.  My profession is actually Civil Engineering so I know this quite well and can say the proposed way of cleaning the ocean in the video is really inefficent.  For one most of the plastic in the great garbage patch has broken down to a super small size.  Second there is thousands of tons of plastic in the ocean and picking it all up with people with nets on boats would take thousands of years to clean it all up.  There should be a plants floating in the great pacific garbage patches that coninuously collect the plastic and load it onto a parked very large enginless sea vessle.  On schedule a vessle with an engine could come by, get the vessle filled with plastic, and replace it with a new empty vessle.  With hundreds tons of plastic on each vessle it would still take a while to clean all the plastic, but it is possible.  Getting the super small plasic particles out of the ocean is another challenge.  I thought of a way of doing it using very little energy, but don't know any investor that would be interested.  If anyone does know let me know so I can contact them.  I was thinking of doing a kickstarter to fund the verification of the theory of how I would collect the plastic, but again don't know how to advertise well enough to get something like that to reach it's goal.

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I thought this company stopped, but it seems they are still going.  https://www.theoceancleanup.com/great-pacific-garbage-patch/

They have done quite a bit more reseach into the problem then before.  They are still going with the wrong approch so I might send them an email.

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  • Thanks all for nice comments. About this idea of cleaning oceans, my job was just to present their idea with this 3d animation, following their storyboard and instructions, I was not involved in creating/changing idea, just making 3d stuff.

    Btw, more about 4ocean and this campaing you can see bellow:





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