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The Encounter - Sci-fi short film

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I wanted to share my sci-fi short with the community here; aside from a few stock models, it was produced entirely in C4D. (You can only view the film in the embedded player in this post.) It is currently for sale on my website.  I've got two more shorts coming out in 2019 and I plan to raise the funds to begin production of a feature-length version of "The Encounter" in 2020. I hope you enjoy!


To preempt some common questions:

  • It took 12 months to produce: 7 months of pre-production and 5 months to animate and render. It took an additional 4 months to re-render the whole thing in 4K with some higher-quality render settings and compositing techniques.
  • It was rendered entirely in C4D's standard and physical render engines.
  • It's now in its second year of festivals, with one screening scheduled for 12/20 in Tokyo.
  • It was my first project rigging and animating a character.


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