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Janine Pauke

2 images (incl. project files)

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I've been producing some stuff for my instagram account (instagram.com/janine4d) and these turned out so well that I uploaded the project files as well.


Drop of light:



One of my all time favorite lamps:



And the project files, just type in "0" to download them for free: gumroad.com/janine4d

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Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational even if you don't use Octane. So I grabbed your files and did a quick go with Corona. I had to guess on the light colors since I can see any of your materials. It actually came out pretty nice I think. I'm still learning Corona, so I'm sure there are ways to make it better and faster.


Interesting how the engines differ in the refraction of the drops. One thing I couldn't get exact was the nice glow you have on the petals beneath the little inside light. In Corona, if I crank up the light material very high, I get batter glow but more fireflies.



Drop of Light_Corona1080.jpg

Drop of Light Closeup_Corona.jpg

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