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A call for modelling help from the cafe

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Hello everyone,  I would like to reach out to the c4d community to ask for help for an ambitious film project that I am working on. I am an artist and academic based in London and have spent 2 years working on a 60 minute experimental film called "Quasi-Monte Carlo". 


The project is 3/4 completed, but I have realised that I have run out of time to complete the remaining modelling/texturing to a level that meets the work already completed. And so I am asking if anyone is interested in supporting the project by undertaking one of many small modelling tasks, which would normally take me 2-3 hours each. But there are probably 50 small modelling tasks or more and I don't have that many hours left. 


Here is the trailer for the film - this is not yet public - so it is a preview link for the cafe



The film is entirely not for profit but will carry a visible public profile, IMDB page etc. The film initially won a highly prestigious UK award in 2017 to receive production funding from the Arts Council directly from UK tax payers. It will be shown in Museums initially in Europe, hopefully worldwide and also in film festivals. 


I haven't taken a fee for the work, In fact I have paid to make it and spent 2 years working on it almost to the exclusion of all other things. During the last 2 years many, many people have contributed in various ways from camera to sound to catering. @Cerbera has been incredible in providing very generous support with modelling, although it has been a lot to put on his shoulders.  


I was hoping that a couple of people from the cafe community would be interested in contributing towards the project, by offering a few hours of modelling time, sharing out the workload and forming a team built scene for the film. 


I also think it could be an exciting project to see developing here in the cafe, a way to share wireframes, renders for feedback and trouble solving. 





The first major deadline is to complete a very large office scene by 5th January 2019.


I have the outline geometry (below) which currently looks like a boring office,  I want to rip out the stand in computers and furnish it with a lot of details, tools and machinery to make it look like the dream CGI workplace. 




It has 40 desks and the camera will move around looking at all of the details on the desks. We will see what is happening on the screens, but there will be no people. 


I have a list of core objects that I need ranging from PC workstations, to bags, clothes, office toys and I am also looking for suggestions -

I can only see my own workstation - I am sure your desk is set up very differently and this would be interesting to show. 


I have included some images also which are of completed scenes in the film to give you a sense of the level of detailing that I am looking for.

None of the models that you see are particularly complex, most of the work is in the texturing and lighting, which I can do. 


Is this something you would be interested in contributing towards (in the next couple of weeks?). If so I will put together a core object list ASAP and post it on this thread.


There are also other things that I could use help with, I have a couple of objects to UV unwrap and a bit of help texturing (if you are a substance user) would also be amazing. 

Let's see what happens


Many thanks















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I like what I see and hear!


Sadly in that timeframe I won't be able to help out. Good luck with your film. Looking forward to  see it.

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I might be able to help, you can PM me if you like.

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  • Thanks @zeden  I will still be going beyond January, I just need to close this particular scene by then. So if you have any time please get in touch. 


    @Freemorpheme many thanks, I will send you a message


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