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V-Ray Material, stacked labels on a mesh

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I was just trying to put some graffities on a coloured wall, which is not a great thing in C4D.

Now that i try it with V-Ray 3.6 and Cinema R 19 it seems to become a great thing.


I tried it with an advanced material for the graffitty symbol, matching material weight as alpha

and a simple coloured material as basic underneath.

In the editor it looks like i wanted but when i render it, the basic material is no longer visible.

You can just see through the hole mesh except where the graffitty is.

Seems like the material weight of the graffitty material is also working on the basic material.


In a second attempt i took my two materials and put it into a blender material.

That worked in a way but now the graffity symbol was not as clear as i wanted it.

It seemed to be transparent.

In addition this solution does not fit my further requirements.


Can anybody help or is this an issue that i have to accept ?


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The decal material should be to the right of the base material when applied to the object, and you need to check the 'Mix Textures' option on. If you still have trouble, post a simplified scene for us to investigate.

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  • Thanks for Your fast reply.

    But i tried both methods already and they don´t seem to work so far.

    The blend material doesn´t give n´me an opportunity to place the badge exactly where i want it.

    I will load up the file and my textures .

    Sorry the scene is in german but it is easy to understand i hope.


    Fisch alpha 01.jpg

    Fisch alpha 02.jpg

    Fisch col 01 .jpg

    Fisch col 02 .jpg

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  • here is a screenshot of the editor view  when using stacked material . Everything looks O.K.

    labels screenshot editor.JPG

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  • What i want is an adjustable decal on a given surface.


    Now this is what i really get when rendering.

    When rendering with blended material the decal fades

    and is not adjustable seperately from the base material.

    labels screenshot render blended mat .JPG


    When rendering with stacked material the base material vanishes.

    labels screenshot render stacked mat.JPG

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    you don't necessarily need a blend material. Depending on your setup you can use the two diffuse layers in an Advanced material - use the lower layer for the wall - top layer for decal with alpha placed into transparency slot in diffuse. 


    You can then copy this setup for the speculars if you need different specularity for each. 

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  • Thank You,

    but i am too new to Vray materials to try that immidiateley (but i definetely will).

    I´m afraid that i still can´t place the decal where i want.


    I found another solution that helps for the moment but opens further problems.

    You just need to check a box in the texture settings as shown in the attached pic to get what i wanted.


    The problem that occurs now is the fact that the V Ray materials dont care for selection tags.


    My wall is not just a deformed cube. it is a model with bricks and joints.

    I wanted the joints to be darker than the bricks and made different selections for each

    and restricted the colours to them.



    Only the first one right of the decal material is visible and correctly restricted,

    The second one is not visible again and the mesh is transparent where it should be..


    It is gonna be a long way i´m afraid.



    labels screenshot texture settings.JPG

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    2 minutes ago, Rubberduck said:

    V Ray materials dont care for selection tags.

    this is not true. Although the current implementation of projection mapping in vray for c4d is not as easy to work with as the native c4d material system.


    It is possible to do what you want with the Vray UV manager tag.

    it is by no means an ideal solution and can be a little difficult to use. But ultimately this is the most advanced way of managing multiple forms of mapping onto the same mesh




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  • You are right. They really care for them. It as just not recognizble for me in that moment. 

    Right now i got what i wanted by try and error.

    With that Checkbox checked i already managed to place more than one decal without having problems.

    The general handling of material is quite different from what i was used in Cinema

    and will take a while to get used to it.


    Thanks for the link to the video.

    It opened  the door to a wide field of stuff that i will have to learn.


    As You can see in the pic, my problem is solved for the moment.

    It´s far way from being perfect, but the problem that got me stuck belongs to history.



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    it looks like you could benefit from spending more time learning the vray physical workflow. 


    there are several ways to learn, but the only real up to date method is to follow Stefan Laub's Vray for c4d Masterclass. It's worth every penny

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  • I truly believe that too.

    I just found him on vimeo.

    Thanks again.


    As far as i  can tell now VRay is much closer to real conditions than C4D is.

    I was many time not very amused

    when i had to adjust something to rules 

    that were not compatible to my physical knowlede.

    Maybe that´s easier for somebody who never had any knowledge about that.


    In VRay i found a camera, which is working and adjustable like my Canon Camera.


    Now as i´m used to use C4D as it is for some time,

    it´s not easy to find the way back.

    My hope is, that this program and me will match at many more points than this.


    Here are some previews of the project i´m working on

    that you might find interesting.

    (It took a while, but i now realized You are from London, and  I hope You don´t feel being offended.)

    The story behind is quite different from that of the ugly hun

    and its nothing about the Brexit. ;-).




    K2  Biegen 62 vray.jpg

    K2  Biegen 25  b vray0083.jpg

    K2  Biegen 26 vray0083.jpg

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