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66 Mustang WIP

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This is one of the few cars I have worked on.

The only work I have done before is architectural exterior/interiors as examples of layouts, nothing worth posting but recently I have started modelling cars and I'm really enjoying the learning curve.

I having a few issues working around tight corners and avoiding triangles, but other than that, still learning. 

Interior is not finished yet

Open to any comments.



Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.48.26 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.46.57 pm.png

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This is starting to shape up nicely - the new paint shader makes a big difference.  Eleanor is a '67, but I like this body with that paint treatment too.


I would encourage you to make the (studio) floor darker to contrast the paint color and make the car pop more.  I would also blur the floor a bit to break up the HDRI reflection, but I realize you aren't into final shots and lighting yet. 


Keep going!



evanalexander.com     Abusing chromatic aberration heavily since 2011....

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Thanks EAlexander

At the moment thus is as far as I can take it with my knowledge. Haven't got much experience with lighting.

I'm certainly goung to try your suggestions.


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These are the finished images, this represents the extent of my ability at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestions, I learnt a lot and they really helped.

Hope you enjoy.

Any comments welcome





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