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C4D R20 + X-Particles 2018 = Houdini?

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No....not a weird mathematical equation but a legitimate question.


In the past 12 weeks, I have spent 9 of them traveling for work: 8 of those 9 weeks have been out of the country.   So this left very little time for C4D.  Plus TV was a not a great option given some of the countries I was visiting.   So all I can say is Thank God for YouTube!


So I started watching the Insydium tutorials on X-Particles, in particular those that highlight the features of their November, 2018 release.   Based on a brief search through the forums  I am really surprised that no one at the Café has posted on this release because I am just gob struck by the improvements made by Insydium.  Just watch Bob Walmsley's IBC presentation here and tell me if you don't start the see the potential for XP4-2018 as part of major VFX pipepline.  The multi-physics capabilities and grain solvers really blow my mind.  Add to that the general speed increase (around 3X faster fluid solver), the capability to cache various fluid channels as OpenVDB output, and mix all that with R20 fields and you begin to wonder if the complexity of the Houdini interface is really buying you that much.  You may think that Houdini has the edge on handling massive particles and therefore is the only way to go for serious VFX work.   But if you watch other YouTube videos where they were running speed comparison tests with over 1.5 million particles on a Core i9 processor you may also question that assumption as well.


Now, I have absolute respect for the work done with Houdini and for the artists who use it, but I think it is a mistake for people to think that C4D users can't play in the high-end VFX world.  X-Particles allows C4D users to step out of the motion graphics box that many non-C4D users like to keep us in.






Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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