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More Fun with Multi-Instances

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Here's a little test I did using a hi-res model of a Honda Pilot. The model is over 600,000 polygons. Not the best model to use for a wide shot like this, but with Multi-Instance it's not a problem. This is a simple grid of 1,000 cars with a little randomness. That's over 600 million polys! Not to mention it's fully textured including chrome, glass, rubber, etc. Setup using Corona and only took 3 min. to render. All lighting is from the HDR you see in the background.


Very impressive.

1000 Pilots_Corona_R20 MultiInstance Test.jpg

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That's a lot of cars :)


Multi instances are great. One can even create animated crowds with them. For example, one can create few variations of animated character and multi instances each of those to create huge crowds.

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  • Gravel is a material with displacement. Not very well set up, but that's a lot of displacement. Even the sidewalls of the tires have either bump or displacement since I just dropped a model usually seen much closer than this example. Corona is amazing and they have recently released a daily build with improved displacement since this render was done. Currently though, they are trying to fix some issues with Multi-Instances and especially camera motion blur, but I'm sure it's coming soon.

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