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I need a little help for a character

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this character I created with fuse and only wanted to adjust the top with little detail, now when I assign skin and riggin tag, everything is messed up....the original object I hided it and it is riggin fine, I only want to modify the object "Tops.1"...

Help Please! 

Here is the link to the file: 

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I need some clarification here.  When you say adjust do you mean move some verts about, or add more or take some geometry away.  When you modify the geometry by adding or taking away polygons it will mess the vertex point order up and any weighting applied will no longer work as it did.  You can adjust the model by moving verts about e,c,t and then press the set bind pose from the weighting tag and all should be well depending on how drastic your changes are.


Cant download the model at the moment, but thanks for posting it as that should help.



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