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Decals randomly on surface of object???

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I am modeling a bench and I want it to look like it has the same sticker randomly stuck all over the surface of it. I tried using an object cloner set to surface but I can't get the sticker to lay flat on the geometry so I assume I need to use a material of some kind. I want the decal, which is round to have random rotation and distribution. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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What about making a large seamless texture with the sticker randomly rotated, overlapping, etc.. with all the corresponding maps (alpha, bump, grime, specular, roughness). Place it over the base bench texture as a decal. Start with cubic projection mapping to see if you can get alignment you are satisfied with.


If more precise alignment is needed, I would unwrap the bench, then use the unwrapped UV's as a guide to place your stickers precisely where you want.

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You could try the paint brushes in 4D Paint. The demo is 14 days so feel free to give it a go.




Add a material, add a texture to the channel, select a layer, then use the paint brush with your decal as a stamp. Then just click on the model and it will project the decal down onto the model. 

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