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Timeline key value different than Python

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I am using  CKey.GetValue() to get the value of a CCurve's key. In Python, the result is -2.9802322387695312e-08, but when I look at the key in the Timeline or Attribute views, the value is 0. It's driving me crazy...even when I convert the value to degrees (in the case of rotation radians), the GetValue() value is different.




Can anyone please shed light on what is happening and how I may get these values to match?


Thank you!

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10 ^ -8 is effectively zero. What you are seeing is the so-called floating point error. Python doesn't store numbers the way humans think, and so you sometimes get these little quirks. I guess you could fix this 'error' with something like round(x, 2), but it's not usually recommended.


There's discussions at stackoverflow if you google 'floating point error'. I only clean up numbers for display purposes - not in calculations.




from https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/floatingpoint.html


LOL, as they say...

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