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Help-uninstall/reinstall drivers

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I have what is probably a really basic question to most here but i recently switched to pc and got  a nvidia graphics card. my c4d was crashing a lot and so octane ran a profiler which showed i have conflict between opengl, cuda and outdated nvidia drivers. i was recommended to go to do an uninstaller thru guru 3d. their recommendation is to  disconnect  the internet until you have reinstalled new drivers (screenshot attached). my question is if i have to do the uninstall as a first step and disconnect my internet, then how can i install directly frm nvidia page if my internet is disconnected. can someone please give me detailed steps or any help. this is the first time im doing this. i appreciate it!! thanks 

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 9.20.17 AM.png

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I would first try simply uninstalling the driver through control panel and then install newest ones for you card. Cleanup tools are mostly useful when you want to get rid of all traces of all drivers and residual files, but nobody can't guarantee you that they work and if they are in fact reliable. Windows update will try to install drivers if there aren't any for your card, so it does make sense to disconnect your net connection (or disable windows update) until you install newest drivers for your hardware. So, to sum it up :


1. Download newest drivers

2. Disconnect from net

3. Uninstall old drivers

4. Restart

5. Install newest drivers

6. Connect back online 


Hope that helps :)


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thanks for the clear steps, ill try it now. i was confused because from the screen shots i was sent it looked like you installed directly form the page not download them first to open later. !

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