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extrude 2 combined splines ?!!

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hey guys , 

if i want to extrude 2 splines one on X and Another one on Z together
to get some sort of a half Sphere




what could i do ?? 

Note : ( later i want to use this way for more complicated shapes if it possible )

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Put all splines as child of Extrude object and enable "Hierarchical" option. "Z" movement value will get thicknes/value of extrude. With zero value it will create flat objects.

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@smantik ,the sweep tool give me a messy result and dosnt shape the splines as i want 


@bezo , well that's not the result i wanted , it give me thick 3D spline in Z and Another 3D spline in X separated and going across each other
so from the top side it will show up some sort of a Letter X

instead i wanted both splines to get combined together to create a 3D shape 
let me show you an example : 
from this 2 splines : one lined in X and one in Z


you get a 3D shape look like this


that's what i meant ,
to get a 3D shape based on the front and the side splines together ( X and Z ) ,
Not a 3D shape for each spline 


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Only solution to got in my mind is  Zbrush´s ShadowBox as exact result of "mixing" spline profiles.

C4D has (thru plugins for modeling/generating parametric surfaces from splines like Splurf, SplinePatch or Coons Mesh) some partially solution (metaballs don´t count and Volumes are only in last release)

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Here's what I think the topic starter wants to do. It's standard nurbs modelling. I've shown a progression where I first created the splines in #1, then networked to make one corner in #2. The #3 is just #2 repeated. Done with MoI (Moment of Inspiration).


This is doable in C4D using the SplinePatch plugin using a similar method I used with MoI.




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