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Help / Tip: how to achieve this look?

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Heyia guys


I was wondering if you could help with some directional advice on how to achieve a look like this. Is there any tutorial out there?




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This looks like something done in 2D image editing app. You could do an abstract shader like that by playing with gradients and warping them with noise (I see you have R20) but it would be impossible to reproduce exact results. You can check this thread for some ideas on how to build shaders :)



Additionally, if you are interested in constructing shaders you can also check this



Free C4D trainings from MAXON professional on our youtube channel



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In reflection colour, use a fresnel shader made with a coloured gradient

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First thought would be to use dynamic cloth.  You could drape it remove the cloth tag, then using the sculpting tools to make it a organic shape.   The Grab, Knife and Pich tools should get you that organic shape.  Before doing the draping and sculpting using selection sets you can assign different colour materials.  If you go PBR in the diffuse layer for colour select Fresnel then choose the colours you want.  The IOR setting will change the angle but it seems to turn off the gradient which isnt ideal because you really need both.  Things can get a bit complex if you choose to use the fusion material.  You could use direct colours per selection set and use coloured lights to reflect off the reflection.  its a trial and error thing but that should get you off to the right start.  


You could also try the Thin Film in the layer  colour slot for reflection selecting your desired colour in the Film settings.


In render filters you can then push that Saturation to make them colours pop.



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