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Anyone using Prorender?

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I was wondering if it's worth it to have a look at Prorender in R20. My first few experiments with a cube and a glowing ball already earned me a handful of popups with error messages which don't exactly encourage me. Is anyone actually using Prorender? Are there examples anywhere? Would it be worth it to invest time into learning it so I can make a few nice examples with it for other users to play with? Or would that just be a waste of time and effort? Or am I stupid for even trying to use it on an nvidia card? :lol:

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Learn Redshift or Octane, much better then ProRender, in every way. While PR can give some really great render quality, it's still not production ready and it's much slower then RS and Octane.



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Thanks. :) Well I'm a happy Octane user myself and not looking for anything else for myself. I made a few downloadable project files and lighting setups for Octane for people to use and learn from and was wondering if it was worth it to do the same for Prorender, especially since I don't see a lot of examples for that. But if nobody would actually have any use for that because nobody is using it then I won't waste my time with that. ;) And I think there's plenty of stuff out there for Cinema's physical renderer so I won't be digging deeper into that either. Would love to give some other 3rd party renderers a try though, which ones are free to use?

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Just thought of this- Corona looks pretty interesting!  It used to be free while it was in Beta, but looks like it's $330 /yr now.  It is a CPU renderer, but I guess it's still pretty fast?  Something about the reliability of a CPU renderer IS pretty attractive.

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Coming from being a Vray user I found Corona to be a decent contender but not at the level to vray in terms of features, and options.  As for Prorender  its going to be of real benefit for those who are new to C4D or those whom have not already invested into a 3rd party renderer.  Not all systems had high end graphics cards and on my laptop it wont use Pro render without issues down to my GPU.  Its a W.I.P but has had some nice additions added to it in r20.  In the future I can see Pro render being used by new users as ones main renderer especially as 3rd parties seem intent on renting their render engines.  Redshift is the only one left that is not rental and has all the vast features and is well supported.




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I recently tested Pro Render. The test scene is a fstorm benchmark. Rendering time 4 hours on Nvidia 1050. 
The problems that I have identified.
The problems that I identified.
Displacement takes up a lot of memory because it uses old subdivision algorithms. Displacements in Octane and Fstorm do not take up much memory and are calculated in real time.
A big problem was the small light sources - pay attention to the LEDs in the fan. ProRender was unable to clear the noise from these small light sources. 
Statistic  Prorender  without displacement  1892 mb
Statistic  Fstorm   with  displacement 0.780 mb  

Fstorm completed the calculation in 20 minutes. Prorender rendered 4 hours. 
I hope in R21 there will be some progress in terms of improving the algorithms for rendering small light sources, displacement and memory saving.


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ProRender is product of AMD, and it's working best on amd gpus. Sure it can run also on nvidia gpus but not working as fast and stable as on amd gpus. Other thing, gtx 1050 is very slow for any gpu rendering, it's lower end entry gpu, most recommended gpus are at least gtx 1070, gtx 1070 Ti, gtx 1080, or higher.

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