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Cutting Objects In Half Without Boolean.

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When I first read this thread my mind went towards this:

-Render one pass of the scene floor/ground and background

-Render another pass of the building and it's elements and animate the Clipping plane (camera)
    This camera controls the projection of a transparent material.

As for the clipping plane, the same effect can be used with a predetermined clipping width, rendered with alpha and comp'ed in with a red fill.



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HAHA I don't know why I was over complicating it so much, this should be more than enough...

The only problem you might face is with objects with no thickness and objects with intersecting geometry.

Object > Clipping texture (backfacing)  | Object texture (whatever your texture is) | Transparency texture


clipping.c4d (without the couch for file size)


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I'd say AZacha has the right approach though there is another way.  If you have the parts UV mapped right you could do a gradient in the alpha channel to make it look like whatever part you like is disappearing.  In Cycles using a texture to make it disappear right would be easier as a different texture coordinate system can be applied per texture.  In Octane it would be harder due to not having that.


I'm also thinking the bool should work.  If it doesn't I'd try to find out why it's not working.  Probably a plugin is making it crash.  I've worked with some complex stuff using bools and it all worked great.  Make sure geometry is not overlapping so it can look right.

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I opted for camera mapping so that you only have to animate one thing and no compositing or geometry modifications/operations necessary. One thing though is that I haven't used octane before so no idea if this would work with it. If I have time tomorrow I'll look into it more

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