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Can R20 still do the "Camera Render" ?

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I'm wondering:    Can R20 still do that old rendering method that used to be called "Camera Render"?    This is where you lock the position of your scene's Camera,  do a scene render,    then,  in subsequent renders it can simply apply an identical bitmapped  "image" to some of your scene objects,   sparing your computer's resources for really complex scenes?

I used to use that approach sometimes,    but it was a long time ago,   with earlier C4D releases...  Like,   R8 or R10.   To tell you the truth,  I don't even remember how I used to set up that kind of render.

Am I losing my mind,   or did this feature once exist?   Is this technique still do-able in R20?    If not,  when was this feature discontinued?

Thanks,   ras

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Maybe Nigel can give you an answer, I really don't know. You really need some oldtimers to tell you that!! @3DKiwi

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I assume it's still there in R20 as I'm still on R16 but you can render an image then rather than rendering again you can define an area to render again. Look up "Render Region" in the documentation.

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