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Hallo everybody,

I am following this tut about sound effector:

The problem is that even if the tut are non old, the tools of the Sound effector  are not more available...:




specifically, I do not know how to use/find the tool "Apply mode" to.

Please help!


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Depends what you are after? In new sound effector you can draw and manipulate probes however you wish, which is far more versatile

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The old 'apply mode' had 2 options - all and step. All was same value applied to all clones, step was apply value dependent on freq across clones from lo to hi freq. As ion said, that's now in sampling.


One thing I noticed about the new sound effector is how the display is now logarithmic (old one was linear). In music, going up an octave means a doubling of freq eg graphic eq is usually in bands 32Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz etc, successive C's on a piano are 2X freq of previous. The old sound effector was linear ie 1kHz, 2KHz, 3kHz etc so all the music was crammed in the 1st 10% of the display, and although it jumped around in time to music, the old display didn't really mean anything.


The graphic on the new sound effector actually represents how the human ear hears things.

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