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Rotating Moving MoCap Animation

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Hi all,  I am working on a project where I have combined several mocap animations into one using motion clips, then baked it all down to PLA to allow me to scale the animation to the proper size for my scene. Part of the animation involves the character walking in a straight line for some distance. I want to slightly rotate it to start turning right/left, but have been unable to figure out a way to rotate it from the object's true center, not where the axis is. The axis of the object stays stationary as the model itself moves away from the axis center point. Because of this, simply rotating the object causes it to shift position as well (as always happens when rotating an object off center from its axis). How can I create some null or something to allow me to rotate the character model at any given point along its path from true center? Thanks for any help!

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Depending on what kind of animation you have applied such as a moving or walk on spot animation will be the main factor here.  I use the align to spline while  my walk cycle is on the spot when using  motion clips.   You have the ability to loop and bake clips and make pivot objects from one clip to another.  If your baked animation has movement then align to spline wont work as its that method that moves the character not the baked keys in which case and should have been done at the motion clips stage.


Making a manual turn your have to access the keys and isolate them to see only translation, then remove keys at the turn point and after it so you can add your own.  I think however this will cause no end of problems such as the character jumping back to the original location.  I think the best bet is to split the animation and put it back into clips where you have more flexibility.  Baking PLA data is like the final stage.  This is not something I do every day, but have spent some some in with motion clips system when I covered that area last year. and made a comprehensive tutorial on it found in my blog on this forum.


You can scale the whole scene from the edit menu, this shouldn't affect the motion clips.  I take the size of the objects height for instance and use that figure in the scale project dialog box, then choose the scale it should be this does it for me without having to bake down clips.



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