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Sphere waving tile

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Hey guys, I am trying to create a sphere with waving tile. I have used Displacer with Shader map I created. The problem is that the sphere has a lot of amount of segments...too heavy....I can't animate it at all. Can you teach me how to make it better?


Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.39.11 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.39.22 PM.png

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Just to add a couple of methods iv used that works to get a displacement map.


Method 1:  Bake high res to low res object.


Add another object of the same shape and size to the scene but a low polygon version.  Add a material and a Bake Texture tag.  In that tag options drag the high res object into the source field.  In the Tag area choose displacement option, set a size map like 2048 x 2048 and a file location.  The height can be got from the displacement deformer height.  If you don't set a file location it will load the resulting bake into picture viewer in which you can save from there.  Press bake button and use the resulting map in the displacement slot of the material, set the height and strength as the original displacement deform for consistency for its height and strength.  Add a SDS tag to the low polygon object set its render sub d level to match the level you need and your done.


Method 2: Project into the sculpting tag.


I like this method as you can mix it with manual sculpting.  make a copy of the low res object as a target, then apply the Displacement Deformer on a high res object  as before.  In the sculpting layout choose Project Mesh from the tools within the UI.  The source  is the high res object and target is the low polygon version, drag n drop each object into their respective areas.  The settings are self explanatory such as the sub d level needed to capture the details.  What will happen is a sculpting tag will be applied to the low res object, it will get sub divided, and have the details projected from the high res.


The advantage of this is you have the ability to sculpt extra detail in there and you have a low res version still.  You can then proceed to bake sculpted objects.  Choose the settings such as displacement, centered intensity as the method for displacement, then bake.  The advantage of doing it this way is the low res object, material, and the correct displacement settings is created for you.


If you would like to see this in a short video I can make one quick.




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