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cant rotate axis

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I have a simple low poly object in a null and I want to rotate the axis to make it move where I I want it to go but when I enable the axis and try and rotate it nothing happens.  Am I missing something?   I tried with just an ordinary cube and it works fine but not with my object.  It has no special tags or anything.

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Difficult to tell without the actual scene file to check. A screenshot of your UI could maybe reveal something, i.e. in case you inadvertently locked some axis, or something.

But I guess the best would be we could have a look at your scene file and experience the issue ourself.


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As C4DS said at least a screen shot should help allot.  With little to go on but the description Id take a stab at two common things some do.  The Axis Modification is the most common thing, but your at lease see the axis move or rotate without the object, you didn't specify if the axis handles could even move, or if it was locked.  The other thing is having the object in Animation Mode, this is to move the animation or scale and rotate it and without any keys of animation your object will be locked.  I doubt you have a protection tag on your null.


Again the UI screen shot can tell us allot.





camt move a object.png

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