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c4d is the only package i believe... most others just calculate what needs to be evaluated automatically. although you still can experience lags too afaik, but it's not that common and more easy to fix. c4d is the only 3D software i really use, just have played around a bit with others, so i could be wrong, but that's what i read here and there....

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4 hours ago, everfresh said:

yeah i read up on this topic several times and i believe i watched this tutorial once, too.... but still priorities are a mystery to me... i mostly just go by trial and error to be honest... after a while you get a "feel" for it, more guts than brains :D


Yea it all makes sense on a basic level but when things get complex and if you dont spot it early the issues can be in a nest of priority issues, Iv been caught out a few times and boy can it take a while to work out where the issues are.



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So I peaked at the file. A couple of things:


I'd reccommend never putting stuff at generators priority level. There's really like...no point. Unless you're doing crazy junk, with sds' and like deformers then maaaaybe, but generally speaking, for a standard rig, you never need to leave Expressions mode. 


In general if everything is in Expressions mode, then it's just an order of operations thing.  So it first looks at the priority number. If everything were at the same number, then it solves top of OM down. And then on an object, the tags would solve(i think) left to right. 


So assuming all the same priority number, you can fix lags by adjusting the OM order. 


But having said that, it's generally just not going to be as simple as that. Really, the simpler thing is to just adjust the numbers. That way Expressions 0 solve before Expressions 1, which solves before Expressions 2, etc.


So, when I open your file here's what I did to remove the lag:

1. I moved the mesh and deformer below the rig itself. I think it's generally better to have the rig and everything above what you are deforming.

2.  Switched the SplineIK tags from Generators to Expression


When you do those two things, there's still a lag. The reason is because those tags reside under BD_Head_jnt. BD_Head_jnt has a constraint tag on it set to Expressions 60.  Ok So 0 solves before 60. However, the positioning of the joints are a child of BD_Head_jnt. So right at this point the Behavior is Solving the SplineIK, Solving the head....which would put the splineIK not in the right spot. Hence the lag. So to solve it:


3. You can either Set the SplineIK tag's to Expression 60 or higher. 


So if it's set to 60, because it's below the head, when c4d solves everything in Expression level 60, it solves them top down. So even though they're both 60, Since it's under BD_Head_jnt, it will solve after it. Or you set it higher than 60 it'll solve after.


Hope this helps and makes some sense.

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Priorities: the big failure of C4D UX design. Everybody I know hates them and all the other apps out there do not need them. I can't count the long hours this system forced me into because somewhere the animation was screwed up by priority issues. PIDA.

R18, Octane, Vray, Cycles, Zbrush, AE, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer, Affinity

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Most people just don't understand them. They are pretty straight forward for the most part.


The only time you run into sort of unsolveable issues is when you are trying to combine expressions with deformers. And that's really only an issue because you cannot set the priority of deformers. 


A lot of folks struggle because they start changing things willy nilly. Stick to Expressions, Use increments of 5 to give you extra wiggle room, and you can go quite far with very little hangups.

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