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coordinate input to hierarchy


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hey guys 


i wanted to know if its possible to animate a list of objects (fingers joints) using a hierarchy node in XPresso instead of including all of them one by one

which is very messy and very exhausting and time consuming as you can see here




in this example i wanted to rotate all the fingers and causing the hand to close in an organised way




i want to control all of them without adding them all to the Xpresso to avoid the Chaos

.. so the first thing came to my mind is using hierarchy node but it dos not give me an input for coordination 


any idea ??!!




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If you want to apply the same value to many objects using hierarchy, you use a representative object (usually the first). The hierarchy node must reference the parent of the objects.




If your objects are not all together in the OM (ie scattered around), you can use object list in a similar manner. When dragging objects into the list, click the 'padlock' to stop the window closing.



object list.c4d

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@jed thats perfect wow ! .. didn't Expect the first object in a Hierarchy to effect the whole Squad ! 

i apply it and it works .. but one more thing missing :(

when i apply it , the sub fingers rotate in a one line with the parent fingers and not individual




instead id like to be able to control them this way ( which how the real fingers supposed to do )  



the join list looks this way 




Note : Finger.ch means finger child  

           or it can mean sub finger too



the project file if you want to test on it directly :

Xpresso Testing.c4d


ill appreciate if you find a solution for this so i can go to sleep in peace this night x)


i usually add Math:multiply node between the controller and the sub fingers ,

but in this case i don't know where i can put that multiply

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Rigging isn't really my thing, but I think I've sorted it.


The way hierarchy works is that it outputs each object once every frame as per the instructions - D is down one level, N is down same level (next). In your case start path is D from the top parent, then each subsequent object is N until it runs out of objects. The representative object 'becomes' each object in turn, so any data applied to it applies to all in the list.


In this file I've added a reference node which uses the same protocol as hierarchy. It looks at each object hierarchy outputs and goes D to its immediate child ie thumb > thumb ch1 etc. Then I connected the same user data slider - you could put a math node in here to give different bend with the 2 levels of joint.


Xpresso Testing2.c4d

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