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Cycles 4D color coated glass (final)

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9 hours ago, Fastbee said:

If you only want color coated glass it should be made like this.



looks great

thanks for sharing this

I haven't tried your setup

mostly for coloured glass I used the glass shader node, but yours looks much, much better


what I was trying is that glass effect you get with antireflective glasses (sort of)

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For antireflective glass your going to have to post a picture of exactly what you are looking for as ther are different types, but I'd say up the roughness and maybe lower the ior or color on the Glossy a bit.


Caustics automatically appear in cycles so long as you have it turned on in the settings and have the refraction depth high enough.


cycles_glass_coated fastbee.zip

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I have a look how it is going


one question as I have the Prime Version which has no caustics enabled unless I upgrade could that be the issue not getting caustics in Cycles?

caustics are enabled in the Cycles render settings but perhaps it works only with certain lights or maybe I'm doing something badly wrong

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with your help Cycles gets really fascinating

the caustics show up nicely

I'm experimenting with different light sources

spectral caustics are a no go but I bet Cycles will include that feature at some point in the future


thanks for helping me to understand

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