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Rendering Only X-Particles: Nothing Else

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Hi all. I have an animation I'd like to render, but I'd like to render out the X-Particles all by itself, but keep all the shapes that cover up the particles so that I can copy/paste the particle animation in a program like Premiere Pro/After-Effects and it will look identical to what it would look like as if I rendered all 1000+ frames within Cinema4D. 


  1. One the particles spawn, the camera doesn't move. 
  2. The particles do have reflections on other objects if I render within Cinema4D, something I'd also like to know how to prevent since I won't have that option if I render only the particles. 


Any tips appreciated! Thanks. 

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I think you are referring to a "Pass" Render. Say a particle pass. 
If so, the x-particles video documentation should do the trick. 

Unfortunately, I don't own x-particles but I did see a demonstration of it. So I know it is possible

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I have yet to get a good workflow for what you want to do. These days I put everything in the scene that the particales interact with in a null and add a compositing tag checking off "seen bt camera"  so the shot has nothing visible to render but the particles, then I rende rit out as a .mov file with an alpha channel thought i think a png with alpha might work as well.  I can then add it inot the already render shot without the particles on. This has limits of course such as the prticles won't cast shadows etc.  Hope that helps a little. 

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