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Rigid Body and Collider Body


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Hey guys,


In an animation I'm putting together I need a box to move around as if something is inside of it and wants to come out. In the end the box top opens so the thing inside escapes. 


For the box I have separated the surfaces and used joints to animate it for when it opens up. I was planning on using the Rigid body on the box and the Collider body on floor, so then I could enable the rigid body at certain times so it would slightly bounce around when I animate it. However when doing this the box just falls through the floor, I have tried adding the rigid body on each separate surface of the box but of course it just falls apart. 


Is there any other ideas on how I can get the box to slightly move without it looking robotic; or is there a certain setting to have the Rigid/Collider body for this type of thing?


Many thanks!



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You can't really animate rigid bodies after the anim has started - you set it up, press play and see what happens. You can however animate a collider to bump into a rigid body and move it. This file has a collider sphere in a rigid body box (I gave the walls some thickness). The sphere has a vibrate tag and the box jumps around, but vib tags are a bit unpredictable - maybe keyframe the sphere instead ? You could also try colliders bumping from outside the box.


Dynamic bodies inside other dyn bodies often explode, but setting the shapes to moving mesh usually fixes this. Dynamics is supposed to switch off after 2 secs if no collisions (to stop dropped coins etc spinning for ever). If this happens, set threshold values to 0.


I'm a big fan of C4D dynamics, but it's easy to forget it's just a simulation. You might be expecting too much of the physics engine.



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