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Looney Gears puzzle toy

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  • I can give you an explanation of the looney gears XPresso if you want -


    The 1st part generates rotation by addition (actually subtraction because I wanted it to go the opposite way). I get the rotation by adding a small amount to a variable once every frame. The amount added is effectively the speed. This method allows speed up + down smoothly (and backwards). The variable value is user data, and must be reset @ F0.


    If you use the usual multiplication method to get rotation


    angle = seconds * constant


    if you try to vary the speed by changing the constant, stuff jumps around, goes backwards etc. The looney gears needs fine control to get the numbers lined up ::):


    For the cog math, I assumed the outer ring was a regular cog with the same teeth, so just get the different cogs rotation by teeth ratio.


    The regular epicyclic is the same, but a bit more complex because the planets have local rotation 'inside' the carrier rotation.


    Here's Mr Looney Gears himself on YouTube



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