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Why is the same frame never the same?

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I'm currently going through Marijn Raeven's tutorial on Natural Environments from HelloLuxx. It is only for still images, not animation.


However, I can't understand why, when I render exactly the same frame, immediately after it has rendered once, that it's different?


In the scene there's a stream so has a texture with a simple noise bump and then some roughness, specular (Beckmann) and fresnel in the reflectance channel. It also uses the Physical Sky. On rendering, I just render out a section of the stream and the specular highlights are never in the same place - when A/Bing the two images in the Picture Viewer, they jump, even if slightly.


This is with and without GI... with both the Physical and Standard renderer, even on very high settings.


If someone gives me an algorithm of, say x = a + b / 2 where a=5 and b=3, then the answer is always x=4. Never x=3.8 or 4.2 or whatever - so why, when a rendered calculates, it come up with small differences each time?


Are the built in renderers not up to this kind of job? I was reading through a greyscalegorilla article and someone commented "You should add one more con for Physical, Flickers in animation!!!!" Or do some settings have to be cranked way up so each frame will take an hour or more?


Thank you for your help



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