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Help with simple radius

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 I'm having trouble adding a radius to the corner of the 1/4" circle object,


the white object is a simple primitive tube sliced down, made it editable but ran into problems using the bevel tool to radius the edges


the grey object is the shape I want, but dont know how to bend it to a semi-circle


thanks Dave




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You cannot bend that shape into a semicircle because it has no topology along its main surfaces with which to support the shape. If stuff has to bend or deform, then even surface topology is important. You've actually found your own answer with your red lines ! That is much more like the topology you need to form that shape - evenly segmented across the whole object in the direction of the bend.


Here's what I'd do to get that shape, using Subdivision Surface Poly Modelling...




1. Start like the back right, with a simple cylinder, 32 segments, 0 height segments. Make that editable.

2. Poly Mode, delete the 6 front-most polys (or however many you think need to go) to get the right gap.

3. For stage 3 we delete half the polys, and restore that half with the symmetry object. Then points mode, and move the last 2 corner points down as shown.

4. Polygon mode, Line Cut. Use the cut tool to make a control edge that follows the end curve, and goes all around the object as shown to begin the curved bit.

5. This time using Loop Cut, create another control edge very close to the lower edge of the form, which will keep it straight under subdivision...

6. Poly mode, select all polys, and Extrude with Caps and a small negative distance to add thickness to your shape.

7. Lastly place the symmetry under an SDS Object, and you're almost done.

8. Last step is to add 2 more control loops like below, to really sharpen up the top edge.






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  • Thanks for your time on the breakdown, see if I can pull this off...

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  • Thanks Cerbera!




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