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X-Particles: Creating a "Streak" Effect.

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Programs Used:

  • Cinema4D: R19
  • X-Particles: 4 


What I am trying to create exactly (GIF): This is from a video we had outsourced a year ago.



What I currently have (GIF):


Notice there are no streaks like the above GIF. I'd love to learn how to property create this streaking effect.


Video Version (Optional, 3 minutes): 


Any help is appreciated.  I've provided the file I used in the video below, thanks!!!


(Unrelated aside: I'm using a video as the explosion because there is only 1 video online on Explosia/Octane and it never talked about keeping an explosion within a confined space, if you are knowledgable of this X-Particles feature, I'd gladly pay you for your time if you could walk me through it). 



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for the more streaky and clumpy look you should bring in a xpconstraint dynamics object and enable "connect within distance".  play with the connection distance and break values until you get the desired result.


for them to get stuck to the inside of the tube you should up the friction values, for both the particles and the collider.


a gravity modifier should take care of the sinking. if you want to art direct the particles to sink more in certain areas you can bring in more gravity or even wind modifiers with a fall-off.


if you want them to slowly dissolve after they stuck you'd have to define an action, which puts the particles into another group on collision with the tube. you can then address that group to fade them out.


about the explosion: to keep it in a confined space just make a cylinder as xplosia collider object and it should work. also you can add a disc (or define your piston as collider directly, although i always prefer to have different invisible objects as colliders to be able to cheat a little if needed) to give you the pumping effect.


i'm not really an expert in XP, but that's how i would approach it. 


edit: groups are really powerful in XP, so make use of them. you can make different particle groups right from the start to make certain particles behave differently.

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  • Thanks @everfresh! So I combined both your comments with comments made by someone in another forum and came up with a solution:


    This uses: 

    • Increased friction values as you stated.
    • Adding a gravity modifier as you stated.
    • The action: I had a removal action on the parent particle that 

    Other things of note:

    • In order to make the friction work, I used the "xpChangeGroup" modifier so that the "sticky" particles would be a group on their own.
    • I then copied the tube the sticky particles were traveling in and jacked up the friction. 
    • I then created a gravity modifier that only effected the sticky particles.

    Optional video of my solution, sorry I didn't give you a shout out in the beginning of the video. It took like 5 attempts and an hour to fit in all the little details I could in as short of a period as I could and I'd have spent all night remaking the same video but figured it was cool since I got all the details in, at least:




    • When it comes to Explosia, thanks for the xplosia collider mention, I was not aware of that object. I was able to proceed a little further, but I am having an issue where I can't make the explosion appear in a render, I can make a video on this if you (or anyone!) would be willing to watch it. I'll make it short. The frame rate is so bad I feel like I'm doing something wrong! Here is an optional video on this as well, but perhaps this warrants a thread by itself: 



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    @BLSmith glad you made it work for the most part :)


    for your problem with the smoke not going into the tube: make your spline mesher object editable, so you get a polygonal object. if you move the attractor then more towards the beginning of the exhaust tube you can see that it actually sucks the smoke in. maybe an attractor isn't that good of a choice for the task, because it attracts the smoke into a direction that's not where the opening is. either try animating the position of the attractor or maybe try using the spline you have built your exhaust from by utilising  a follow spline modifier or a spline flow modifier. also to get any obstacles out of the way maybe just remove the collider that seals the opening completely for that action if you don't need to see the smoke wrapping itself around that.


    as for why your vdb data doesn't get exported with the cache i have no idea... i believe it gets exported, but maybe octane needs a certain naming convention? really just guessing, since i'm using redshift, and i have usually no problems getting the data into that.



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