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Render started fine then turned black


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Hi guys, 


Ive just started rendering with very basic settings (see screenshot) to keep the time low as possible; it started fine but when it got to frame 77 the screen just turned black, but still had taken the same amount of time to render. At first i thought it could be an accidental time frame of something covering the camera but that wasn't the case. 


I've also disabled every object one by one but it still is black. 


Any ideas on what it could be?


EDIT: I have moved the camera around and in some areas it renders fine but in others it doesn't. Thought it could be shadows so turned them off but still continues to render black :306:


Screenshot 2019-02-02 at 15.39.48.png

Screenshot 2019-02-02 at 15.39.26.png

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i guess no one will be able to tell without a file. but whenever you're rendering animation, render image sequences instead of a movie file. that way if sh*t happens at some point, you still have the frames you already rendered. 

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Gotta say I agree with @DeCarlo. I just rendered Frame 77 which came out fine. I agree there is nothing in the way of the camera, but I am currently not understanding why it would be fine for me and not for you.


Also, your hair /grass would look nicer with the Standard Renderer, although I grant you the PR version doesn't look too bad in this scene.



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Ah this is strange, does frame 150 also render fine? I moved the camera slightly from 77 and it didn't appear black, but does it again after frame 150.


In the end I started again on a new file, didn't do it as much but sorted it with different camera angles to stop it. I think its either the Psychical sky or grass...as when the camera in my new file would be shot towards the sun, it would go black but still render some of the grass :306:.


Thanks for your tips! Will take them on board :)

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