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Change Constraint Clamp Distance Value

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Let's say we want to have a XPresso Tag on an object.

And that same object has a Constraint Tag, with Clamp.


We put a Python Node inside our XPresso.


How could we through that Python Node, change the Contraint Tag/Clamp/Distance slider Value?


But without adding the Clamp into XPresso, as a node. We need this to happen through Python.


Thank you!

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I've had trouble posting python scenes to members with older versions recently, so a description will have to do.


In this scene I used GetTags() to get a list of tags from the object, then tags[0] to reference the actual tag by index. For the correct syntax for things like sliders, I find just dragging the field into the Python window works (with a bit of editing). Not sure if this works with your R15.


def main():
    global Output1 # for test
    length = Input1 # constraint length
    cube = doc.SearchObject('Cube') # obj with tag
    tags = cube.GetTags() # get all tags on obj
    constraint_tag = tags[0] # get 1st tag (or whatever)
    # drag field from attrib manager to get syntax
    # may need some editing
    constraint_tag[50004,9] = length # set constraint length
    Output1 = length # test


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