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Auto-normalize issue

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Hello gang,

I have trouble weight painting a character. The influence exceeds 100% even though I have auto-normalize turned on, during weight painting. But when I tested it in a new project file everything works as expected. I’ve attached the files. I have a simple mesh as an example. The “weight-test-good.c4d” file is working properly but the other one is not. What do I do wrong? Or is it a bug?




Edit: I'm using version r20

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I had a look and from testing it I can say its nothing to do with the geometry as I put the good geometry into the other scene and vice versa.  I checked against the paint settings they are the same.  At this point all I can suggest is it may been a corrupt scene and unless you can replicate it its going to be hard to put it down as a bug.  I cant reproduce it.  In mean time the obvious solution is to make a new scene and bring the geometry into that for now.  If you can replicate it let me know.



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