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I'm a bit lost in the weeds with animating on splines and need some help.  Here is the situation.  I need to animate cars along an arcing road.  The road animated on first and then I need to have the pop on on one end and then become a constant stream for the duration of the animation.  Right now I have an infinite stream of cars cloned along a spline animated by the Rate option at the bottom of the Object tab for the cloner.  So far so good.  HOWEVER I need the cars to not be there the whole time by start driving into the scene.  Maybe there's an effector I need to use?  Perhaps I'm using the wrong spline animation approach?  See the attached file if needed.  Thoughts?


Thanks for the help.


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You could use a plain effector and animate the slice angle of cylinder fall-off. Scale = -1 hides the clones.




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