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C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

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Hi folks :)   As you may know, we are now offering massive amount of training content on Cafe Youtube channel. Content is free and available to anyone. Please consider subscribing to our cha

It's easy, it rhymes with Jrvoje.

Okay....I have mixed emotions about this.   I did  make a pretty good sizable purchase of all the tutorials as I knew I needed R20 training.  Then I got sent over-seas for an extended assignment in Ma

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We understand that this may cause some discomfort for people that bought these trainings earlier, however there are two advantages you want to consider from now on.

First is, you gained knowledge earlier than people that have access to them now, and second even more important, you will not have to purchase anything more in future and will have access to new trainings. We were searching for a way to make trainings free and still get some revenue, and hopefully through youtube that will become possible.

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Some great stuff here Hrvoje - and no problems from me as a previous purchaser of one of your courses.


One little tutorial video I would love you to produce: "How to pronounce Hrvoje : )"  Yes, there are a few generic examples on the web, but it would be great to get it direct from the owner : )

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21 hours ago, Freemorpheme said:

It's easy, it rhymes with Jrvoje.

How do you pronounce Jrvoje? :wackywink:

As far as I remember it's very close to Harvey but with more of a W sound instead of the V sound.

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Hr-vo-yay ? :) 


However you pronounce it, we have to thank him profusely for such a wealth of high quality information and training. I have no doubt I will continue to refer to it for years to come ! And all delivered in that awesome zen-master hypno-tranquility voice :)



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I see a couple of my videos are on the Cafe's Youtube channel. Cool.


Note that I pretty much have all of my tutorials / videos backed up. If you want any others just yell out. Feel free to down load the videos from Vimeo channel and upload those.


Nigel / 3DKiwi

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