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Entertaining artist progression video

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Hi guys, 


Just wanted to share a cool video by Zacharias Reinhardt a talented CG artist who made a video featuring some of his work from the previous 14 years, some entertaining back story and more. He also used allot of Cinema 4d in his earlier years which is interesting to see. Might be a fun watch.



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He is very talented.  His later works are fantastic.


Keep in mind though all the improvement over the years was not only due to him getting better as an artist.  The hardware and software tools improved in such a way that now a days you can make stuff that would have taken 100 years or been impossible to make in the past.  This can be seen a lot in the ray tracing render engines that have popped up recently.  Before that we would have change a setting and wait a long time to see what changing that setting did.  Raytracing a single image back in 2008 would have taken a very long time if you could even find a program that did raytracing.  I'm not trying to say it's all hardware and software.  There is a ton of skill that goes into it.  Just that such a huge difference was not due only to his skills improving.  Now a day some talented person could pick up 3D and start making fantastic works in probably 1 or 2 years if they are a genius and work night and day on it.

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