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What's an "isoparm" ?

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Hi gang,

Would you believe,  I've been doing C4D since 2003,  and I still don't know what an "isoparm" is?    I have created a spline-sweep object today,    and one of the parameters is,  of course,  Isoparm Subdivision.       Increasing or lowering that number seems to have no visible effect (that I can see,  anyway) on my object's appearance.

So what is the importance of Isoparm Subdivision?    In what 3D situation would this parameter be of great importance?



Thanks,   ras

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Short for isoparametric curves, which are how NURBS surfaces are calculated between control vertices. It's all very math, but they are basically like B-Splines for surfaces.



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Isoparms are used in Cinema to display the base mesh, but also showing SDS curvature. The advantage is that it's a lot clearer to look at those while wrangling a model's structure than it is to view the subdivided polygons. In the sweep object that parameter doesn't have much practical use unless you need to control the number of isoparms along the length of the sweep, for example to render those lines via sketch n toon. Other than that, I don't think I have ever needed to move it off default in 10 years of using this software ! :)



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