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Animating Mograph in BPM with Xpresso

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Hello, Ive run into a roadblock, or maybe even a bug, and sadly I dont think Ive got enough experience to find a solution to this.


This is my setup. Ive got a Cylinder inside a Coner, which clones the cylinder 8 times across 164 cm(end point of Cloner). Next, theres a plain effector with a basic sphere falloff. I want the effector to travel from the start to the finish, and make this almost wavey effect. But only one of the cylinders will be completely "Up" at a time. The "Up" cylinders will shuffle in the tempo of the song, which is 82 BPM(Beats per minute). With this Id like to achieve something like a metronome. I did the math, and here are my notes:


82 bpm
164 cm end point of cloner 

because I need another space AFTER the last cylinder, I needed to calculate how big the empty spaces between the actual pillars are, which Ive done like this:

(164  - [6[radius of pillar] *8[amount of pillars] *2[to get the diameter]]) /8 = 8,5


172,5cm Path lengh
8 pillars


8 = 172,5 cm
82= x

x : 172,5 = 82 : 8

x = 1768,125 CM/per 60 seconds == 29,46875/s
10,25 x it has to go around

next up, I had to do the logic of the effector actually looping once it arrived at the end of Cylinders array+last empty space.

Heres How I Tried to do it:


But as you probably can see, not even the time itsself has a result. also, Im like 100% sure that the logic I tried to do is wrong. Dont even think that I got the concept right.

The main thing Id like to fix is Time not moving when the animation plays, and the very much appreciated explonation of how to do my logic right would finish this all off. This might be my most complex expresso yet, and its an utter mess.

Thanks in advance, 



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If I understood you correctly, you would like to create a wave like effect through your clones, but with each sequence you want next clone to stay up? Do you maybe have an example of the effect?

Please add a scene file, at least stripped down version so we can help :)

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    Id like to recreate a channel rack. A channel rack is basically Those points, and when I activate a point it plays a sound when the timer passes(Grey thing down bottom) through it. That timer moves at a certain speed, which is set by the BPM, which is 82. basically that means that it plays 82 of those dots per minute.Thats what Id like to recreate, but every time a beat passes I want it to tap. As I said, a metronome of sorts. So yes, a wavy effect. 


    ^thats the project file, its already 40 megs so sorry about the drive link.And please do ignore all the other shinanigans that project has, its still very much work in progress :)

    The effector is currently(in proj file) keyframed to just go back n forth, but Id like for it to go actually in tempo.Thus, I got the idea of Xpresso.


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    1 hour ago, djkato said:

    Thats what Id like to recreate, but every time a beat passes I want it to tap

    I don't get this part :)


    The thing is, you will have trouble offsetting sounds since effector won't work in this situation, thus you will have to use Xpresso. Here is a simple generic setup which can hopefully help you out and steer you in right direction








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    I use a oneshot monoflop to play sounds




    the sound doesn't render, but I've had some success recording 'what you hear' in C4D using Audacity, and adding it in After Effects.

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  • I feel like the more I explain things the less people understand what I actually want. But alas, I actually solved via 5 different cloners and delay/time effectors. Its not exactly what I want, but it does the job.


    also,  the Rack you provided it actually really cool and tought me something I didnt know even existed, which is Plain>Offset, so thanks for that!

    And Jed, Didnt think of the monoflop at all, wouldve probably helped me a lot. THanks for showing me ^^


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