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So where does "Honourable Member" fit in? Above or below a Regular Member? Think I would rather be called a Regular Member or a "Cafe Regular".


BTW "Honourable Member" is a term used in Westminster Parliaments (UK, Australia, New Zealand etc) that is used when referring to a member of Parliament. 



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Im not bothered about the name as I said previously but I do think some members such as Kiwi ( cafe founder I believe, could be wrong ) and many other members that give their time and knowledge so generously do deserve some recognition somehow, but you are all so modest that none of you want any recognition.


Maybe if left to the members to bestow any accolades it may be easier for those recognised to accept such a title / award. So maybe we could have a yearly cafe award like a cafe bafta or something. No idea of how or what categories / titles may be,  but might be a nice way for us mere mortals to be able to give the wizards a pat on the back.


Just thinking out loud 



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