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Redshift 20% off node locked licences.


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Hi All


Not sure if you have seen this but Redshift is on offer at the moment at $400 instead of $500.  Its caught my attention recently as a viable renderer as a alternative render engine that is still perpetual.  If they ever venture to add Alsurface material id jump in myself.  From my tests even on a old GTX 780 6gb card its very fast.





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I downloaded the demo to have a look but what do I do with it- I must have missed something, I can't see where it has to go - if I click on it it just asks what program to open it with. I've sent email to support- if that covers demo- but offer is only on for a few more days. 

It looks like .32_demo_setup[1] type. Is that Ntgraph setup? Sounds too hard!

Any ideas?

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Its in C4D plugins once its installed.  You have to turn the render settings to use Redshift render engine, then add the RS materials and lighting.  If im not mistaken are you new to external render engines, if so I can help you further with it.  If your stuck with installing it you make have not downloaded the wrong version like the mac version for windows.



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Hey thanks for reply Rectro

The truth is I have been nowhere near installation as such, I did read the documentation yesterday about the process but didn't get close to a start.

Support replied to my email to say start a post on the forum, well..

In the absence of any specific steps of demo installation, I downloaded file to My Documents, expecting to get a zipped file containing setup file etc, in order to do installation. It's true I have not dealt with 3rd party renderers before but have used plenty of executables with C4D.

Instead here I get this 32_demo_setup[1] file (which I see is a setup file) but question is how to run/activate  it- if I double click it it asks what program to open with etc. (well it used to until I clicked around and set up a wrong association last night)

You got me thinking about did I download the wrong file so I did the download again, and made sure I used windows, and got the same file (and same wrong association as  last night!) .

Is there a particular program needed to start it up?

Is my actual download process correct?

If you can help that'd be great/


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If its windows OS then it should have the file extension .exe  You may have your file extensions not visible to enable that type (folder) into the start menu bar bottom right of windows and your looking for Folder options or File explorer options.  Open that and in the list make sure Hide extensions for known file types is not checked.  If it is showing it then you gota to associate the exe file again, never had to do that for a exe file.  This link then may help.  If you also look in your downloads folder you may have other downloads do they open ok?



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Hi Rectro

I posted on the forums, and support gave me a link which IS .exe and finally will allow me to double click it to run the installation.

The download I got following the links given by Redshift after activation gave me a file with that weird extension 32_demo_setup[1], and it was NOT able to run by double clicking it. And I did that twice to make sure I hadn't made a mistake...

I do have my files showing extensions, I'd be lost without them, and in some cases eg for Substance if in my download folder it just says application, when I right click on that it shows .exe in Properties.

In my original Redshift downloads I get the extension as .32_demo_setup[1] as well when I right click.

I know it's too weird but I'll hold off for a while as I need to upgrade my graphics card, mine is only 2gb, and I'd be wasting my time with it.

Thanks for helping anyway, it helped me get my pitch sorted.



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