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Apple killing OpenCL, OpenGL

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I know right? It's getting more and more difficult to keep using the Mac for high-end graphics and animation. I'm still holding out for a new tower this year (every digit is crossed) so I haven't gotten a new iMac Pro, which are indeed very fast. But alas, not very upgradable and no choice in GPU. So annoying.

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  • 2 hours ago, teknow said:

    This is probably old news but just in case it isn't:



    Making a computer where you can swap out parts like the video card or hard drive.  Such innovation.  What will the people at the Mac "genius" bar think of next?

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    It irritates me as well. If I din't like the general overall benefits of OSX, quicklook, easy copy paste, overall organization of the file system, less viruses and malware, etc. I would have gotten a PC already. It's also just inertia at this point. Unless Apple really hits it out of the park with the new 2019 Mac Pro I will have to switch - we are still running 2013 and 2010 Mac Pros - it's ridiculous how much money we would have given Apple if they just updated every year or two. Crossing fingers that Tim Cook and his indifference to professional users won't force me to go through the trouble of switching.

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