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Emerald Sand

Molecules in helix structure?

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I am trying to model this?


The molecules need to be in a helix structure. How can I dynamically model this in C4D? Which I have no idea.

I understand that cloner could be the key to achieving this. But I am really not sure how to achieve this as I need to control the colour of individual sets of spheres with a different colour. Cylinders need to be linked to different spheres. Very much similar to this image. I am also trying to achieve a similar helix structure. The helix curve needs to be uniform. But I can't seem to get it right. 


Would appreciate if someone could advise and shine a light on how can I accomplish this. 


Thank you very much.



Helix Test.c4d

Mol Helix.c4d

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Its easier to do the ribbon part with the sweep, file below. How you then do your molecules depends how much interaction you need with them. You could model it flat and spline wrap it like you did with the ribbon. You could also clone it onto the ribbon. For that you would probably want a copy of the ribbon, make it a bit smaller than the visible one ( hide it ) and make some selections to keep the molecules where you want them.

You can use weighting or mograph selections to change the colours, but not sure how to go if you need to change every aspect of mo;eccles and place them.



Helix Sweep 01.c4d

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 08.49.55.png

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@Emerald Sand:


- Get a a primitive cube divide and scale it accordingly

- Parent it under a Supernurb and see how it looks. Use edge loops to guide mesh & topology

- Pick polygon selections of the places where the molecules will be rooted (and make it a selection tag)

- Use Mo_Extrude on these selections and play with its properties

-Parent the whole things so far under a null (place the null at the center of the rig before you parent it)

- Use a twist deformer on the  null



2nd equally good option:


- Use the ribbon rig suggested by @deck, pick your selections and add Hair

- Make sure you choose to grow them at the center of the polygon (hair property tag)

- In the same tag choose to make hair rigid and zero gravity

- In the hair material tag now check the length and thickness and play with each spline

- Finally in the hair material tag play with the end scale


This should get you close enough


Good luck


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These guys have great ideas.  I was thinking it would be easy to use the Atom Array to create your molecule look, but realized it only works with geometry and not points.  I was thinking you could just make a medium-density mesh of your helix model, select points on it where you wanted your atoms, and then delete the rest and put it under an Atom Array.  No luck.  Your best bet is probably to model it in a straight line and then use the Spline Wrap deformer to twist it into the helix.  To create your connector cylinders, you could try the Tracer.  One Tracer won't do what you want, but if you have multiple connecting just the objects you want in the right places, it could be a good dynamic option.  Throw it under a Sweep and you've got your connections.

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