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Rotation Force Spiralling Out of Control

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Hi all. I'm using the rotation force to make some clones rotate like a vortex but it always flings them further and further out when I want them to maintain a roughly similar radius. I tried using an attractor but that has the effect of flattening them out into a disc so there is no vertical difference in position. I initially started this using x particles and there's a similar thing there too. Anyone know a way around this? Thanks in advance. 

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Hard to tell exactly without a file Howie, but heres a cheat tornado basic set up that might help, if you let it play you can see whats going on.


1, a small and big spline circle cloned in blend mode so you can add as many as you want and change the size etc.

2, same cloner is rotated with the time effector, adjust speed with rotation degrees ( quite sensitive it seems )

3, same cloner ring positions randomised with effector in noise mode, lots of things to change here for variation

4 the sphere cloner just clones onto the previous cloners rings, and has the dynamic tag

5, gravity is set to zero so clones will just float, but they have some "follow position" dialled in to make them follow their original pos.


Quite fun when you crank up the speed and parameters on the random post and noise scale etc. Just put in a few rings here to illustrate.

There are many ways to set this up with mograph, maybe a spiral or two instead of the rings, and some other forces to liven it up a bit.



Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 18.12.56.png

tornado cheat 01.c4d

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