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3-D Solver for Object Failures - R19

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Hello everyone,


New to using the motion tracker tool in c4d. I have recorded some footage of a individual with white polystyrene balls attached to a beanie hat as seen in the attached images which I am using as reference points to track. I am aware c4d needs at least 7 points to track so I have done so. I seem to keep getting a failure when it comes to running the 3d solver for object? I have checked through the footage multiple times and theres no red markers all yellow for the pattern boxes which is good and a re sampling rate of 80%. Trying to establish what I am doing wrong...


I have watched the following youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbvVr1svCSw&t=185s for some tips (looks straight forward enough :lol:) but still no joy. I am aware there are in depth tutorials on Cineversity however I do have access to that right now. Maybe I need to shot the individual with a much better quality camera maybe something in 4K, maybe I have to much

motion blur. Any advice / tips would be greatly appreciated...Appendix.1.thumb.JPG.0c5c046f12985957563bce60607d2269.JPG




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Different trackers react differently to footage. You could try removing the grain and making the video hi contrast to help the tracking. Artifacting and/or motion blur can be a big headache. You can try Mocha (bojou or syntheses) too. Ive had some success with different trackers. PfTrack may still be around. If its 2d tracking use mocha for sure.


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Also a lot of tracker prefer a image sequence as opposed to a movie...Hope this helps

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