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Similar R20 plugin to Instance Vault


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I updated the plugin again and also made it available for R21. 

Source and release on Github: https://github.com/mp5gosu/InstanceMan-R21

Or direct download: https://www.roberthitzer.de/projects/instanceman/


By the way: This plugin has nothing to do with InstanceVault. I wrote InstanceMan from scratch, because InstanceVault isn't maintained anymore. 🙂

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Changes in 1.60: 

  • Select: Fixed wrong axis and other issues when selecting multiple instances
  • Split: Fixed wrong position of new reference object
  • Added Select broken: Quickly selects all unlinked instances
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements
  • No more support for versions prior R20
  • Support for R22+R23

Merged all versions into a single repository on GitHub: https://github.com/mp5gosu/InstanceMan

Find the download here: https://www.roberthitzer.de/projects/instanceman/


Have fun! :)

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