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Multipass: Where did my DOF go?

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Hey guys,

I've set up a scene using Standard Render,  to which I've added pronounced DOF post-effect,    in both blur and in tint.    All good and well.    In the picture viewer,  it rendered like this,  which is what I want.



Out of curiosity,  I also rendered a Multipass Image,    with all the available layers checked active,  just so I could study them in Photoshop.

To my surprise,      the Multipass PSD  Image-- with all its pertinent layers active in P'SHOP---   ended up looking like this.   



Not only considerably darker in appearance,   but my DOF was nowhere to be found amongst the layers...   neither the blur nor the color tint.

QUESTIONS:    Why did the Multipass PSD look much darker and over-saturated in P'SHOP,     and where did my DOF go?   Do none of the Multipass layers contain that DOF information?

Thanks,   ras

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The darkness may be the result of the render using Linear Colour Space, while using 8Bit colour depth.

Make sure you render in 16/32bit if using Linear Colour Space and Multi-passes.


The Depth Of Filed  should show in Photoshop as a black/White Depth Pass layer, which you then need to use as a source for the Camera Blur Effect.


I don't think you'll see the DOF in a multiples unless you'e looking at the standard rgb image rendered separately from the passes.  (The image rendered in the top Save dialogue box).

Phil Richards, www.fugidesign.co.uk

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This guys, the GSGorilla team, have an example in how to deal with something like it.


That's not exactly what you asked but it can help if seen in a different angle.


What is the correct workflow for doing Depth of Field and Motion Blur in After Effects? Cuz when I use the z-pass I get this odd fringing in AE and the vector pass is confusing.


I hope it helps.


João Marco



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