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Standard Render giving me "fireflies"

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Hey guys,

I'm curious as to what's causing this:  I've got this image currently rendering in the Picture Viewer,   using Standard Render with Global Illumination.     As you can see,  I'm getting some "fireflies" that aren't being smoothed out.     I've never seen Standard Render produce fireflies before...   Wonder what's causing it?    How can I eliminate them (or get them smoothed out) in subsequent Standard renders?   The gold and blue colors of the fireflies are probably related to the two Infinite Lights I've got stationed to the left of this scene,  outside the walls of this "building":  one is gold,  the other blue.     I just don't know why my interior textures here are picking up those lights with fireflies.    Thoughts?   Ideas?

Thanks,   ras


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What are your wall material/texture settings?

Also use one area light pointing it toward windows, with area shadows. About GI, use Default preset, but add secondary method as Light Mapping, and change Smoothing to 100% (in Irradiance Cache tab).

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With IR in c4d it does an average of the samples within a radius weather they be on the outside of the wall or inside of the wall.  If the radius deep in the IR settings is bigger than the thickness of the wall you will get some samples coming from outside the wall which can be bright.  Making the wall thicker is probably the easiest solution.  Another solution and the one I suggest is to use another render engine when doing GI.  It will be way faster with less headaches.  I like Cycles a lot, but Octane, Coronta, and Redshift are also really good.

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