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Bend a selection

marian neulant

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Note that won't help you if you do not have enough geometry to support the bend.... for example you couldn't bend that selected face because it is an ngon with insufficient topology.



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hey, actually i am not shure, if i was on the best waym, tried to to the attached structure.

i booled two objects and put them into the volume mesher with different smoothlayers.

problem is, i im milling it later and i still have the stairs of the voxels visible. played with voxelsize

and the smooth factor, but could not find a relly smooth solution. it is easy to sand away

in the production process, but i bet there is a way to remove the stairs ....... or?

thanks in advance  .. marian


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The problem here will be with the way that object was created. There are ngons everywhere, booles were used, so as a consequence you have rubbish surfaces with non controllable topology, and likely the resulting faceting that even the Volume Builder, great as it is, is challenged to make smooth. If you add a low poly sphere to a VB you will see the faceting clear as day, no matter what you do with voxel size, but in the case of a sphere we could fix that by turning up the segmentation. Here, there is simply nothing you can do about increasing the density of your object now it has been made that way. Subdividing it will break it further.


And let's not forget that the Volume builder is there to replace booles (except in very specific circumstances), so it doesn't make any sense to use one within it !

So why not remove the boole from the equation, and use the volume builder itself to do the subtraction ? - that alone will probably fix this. 

If it doesn't, upload the file, and I can advise further...


I should add that if you had used basic modelling skills to make this out of polygons and subdivision surfaces, then not only would you have entirely negated the need for either booles OR the volume builder, but you would also have ideal topology for applying subsequent bending / deformation in a way that no other method can provide. Well worth learning those skills.



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Ok, yes that is the problem. But I was wrong that eliminating the boole will fix it in this case. It doesn't.

If I get some time later, (working now) I'll show you how easy and lovely this would be with polygons...



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5 minutes ago, jmarco said:

do you have tuts online...? I'd love to learn some more on topology.

Mostly I just don't have time, but every so often there are just the odd bits here and there - no videos so far though...

Most of it's over here, in Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips.



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